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We ship worldwide from Canada + USa

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Lastin by Mobilon

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AUTHENTIC LASTIN by Mobilon of Japan 


Width: 6 mm / 15/64 in (approximately) 

Thickness: 0.15 mm



Specifications: Width: 10 mm / 25/64 in (approximately) 

Thickness: 0.16 mm

Yield: 900 m/kg / 447 yd/lb 

Type/Content: Thermoplastic 100% polyurethane elastomer strip 

Elongation: 300-400% ۢ 

Well suited for use in shoulder, neckline and seam reinforcement on knit tops, swimwear, lingerie & CLOTH DIAPERS! ۢ Outstanding elasticity (more than 5 times) ۢ Maintains elasticity even at low temperatures (-20C) ۢ Superior resistance to perspiration, seawater, chlorinated water and oil ۢ Contains no harmful substances (formalin, latex, sulfur, etc.) ۢ Contains no plasticizers ۢ High launderability/Dry-cleanable ۢ Certified as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, product class (can be used in products for babies) ۢ Suitable as a tape to allow for shape and texture retention in knitted products due to its thinness, flexibility, and elasticity Transparent, so easily used without matching colors, even with see-through fabric Prep/Sewing with Lastin: Polyurethane elastic tapes must be stretched to their limit 3 times before sewing. This relaxes the elastic's memory and will provide the best performance and fit in your finished garment. Use long and wide stitching, serge, or zig-zag , the best stitch is a three step zig zag stitch. Lastin will break if you only tack it at the ends. Do not leave elastic in direct sunlight. If you require additional meters we have 5meter and 10 meter listings or email us for more :) - 0.30 per meter - 1.50/ 5m - 2.95 /10m

Lastin by Mobilon

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