What has sewing taught you about yourself?

What has sewing taught you about yourself?

We know that sewing is so much more than the act of creating an item, so we asked our audience on Instagram what sewing taught them. We loved the answers so much we had to share them here, take a look.
  • Sometimes rest or resetting is the most important step (threading)
  • I can create something beautiful and functional
  • I can do hard things
  • I'm really really patient because it means giving myself a chance to get better
  • That I can do anything if I just take one step at a time
  • I need to finish things start to end in one sitting
  • I can be a creative problem solver
  • That I am impatient
  • That I can do anything that I put my mind to
  • I can work to improving my attention to detail/precision
  • It taught me at 36, I could take up a new hobby and absolutely love it
  • It has helped me accept my brain injury, If I go slowly, forgive my mistakes, it can still be beautiful
  • I have what it takes
  • Perseverance
  • You can't botch things
  • I do not require much sleep and I may be a perfectionist
  • My fearlessness is trying new things
  • That I can fit my body better than store-bought clothes and no one has the same things
  • I am not a perfectionist
  • That I can shop for fabric faster than I can sew

What has sewing taught you?

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