Maker Monday Featuring DarkApparel

Maker Monday Featuring DarkApparel

Welcome back to another Maker Monday! Today we are featuring DarkApparel from BC. 

I think as sewists, many of us create garments that fill a certain gap in our wardrobe. In the case of Zach from DarkApparel, not only did he have trouble finding clothing in a style he loved, it was a also a need for better clothes for a specific job. Tree planting is such a unique and incomparable type of work. It's rugged, buggy, hot, cold, wet, exhausting and exhilarating all at once, so it's no wonder Zach had a few ideas on how to improve the ready-to-wear garments he and his peers were used to. DarkApparel ranges from cool and unique festival style and street-wear to utilitarian, all while maintaining an impressive level of sustainability in the process. Zach prides himself in using secondhand and eco-friendly materials and in doing so he creates really unique one-of-a-kind pieces for everyone including those doing back-braking, earth-saving work, or those who just wanna relax and have a good time.

Here's what Zach has to say about DarkApparel:

Tell me a bit about your company:

DarkApparel has just begun, but its been an idea of mine for quite sometime. I've always found it hard to find clothes that fit and were a style that I liked. 

After making a few items, finally acquiring a sewing machine, and with the time I had off after tree-planting I decided to try and make clothes for others as well.

What do you make?

Currently I make pullover sweaters (from scrap fabrics) Shirts and Tights, keeping style, sustainability, tree-planting and festival garb in mind.

Who is your customer?

Fellow forestry works, friends. 

How did you get started?

I've sewed my whole life, but business wise I just started posting some of my projects online and decided to expand when the feedback was so positive.

Where are you located?

Quadra Island, BC.
For a few months at least. Im a fairly nomadic person.

Why are eco-certified and organic fabrics important to you?

Because fashion is such a huge contributor to climate change, and I've always tried to live as consciously as possible.
Why create something new using the same avenues as someone else? 

How did you find Simplifi?

I believe it was a simple google search

What is your favourite kind of fabric to use for your business and why?

I would have to say bamboo. Its soft, durable and uses so much less water. Hard not to love. Of course Hemp is a close second

Zach just received a large order from us, and we can't wait to see what he creates with it! We love his use of colour and his unrelenting love for preserving our planet. Check out DarkApparel on Instagram or on Etsy  

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