DIY Hemp Yoga Bag Tutorial Day 3 - Assembly!

DIY Hemp Yoga Bag Tutorial Day 3 - Assembly!

Welcome to the last day of this DIY yoga bag tutorial. Today we will sew up the bag and attach the bottom and strap. We’re on the home stretch! – get it?

Side Seam and Strap

  1. Grab your 3” piece of strap that you cut at the beginning, and thread it through your d-ring.
  2. Align the ends of the folded strap piece right sides together with the edge of one of the sides of the bag body, approximately 6” down from the top edge so that the strap piece and d-ring faces in towards the centre of the bag. Pin.
  3. Fold your body piece in half right sides together with the long sides aligned and pin. Make a mark 2” from the top. Starting at the 2” mark, sew the side seam with a ½” seam allowance. As you can see in this photo, I finished my seams before I sewed the edges together, but I recommend doing this after the seam is sewn so you can catch the raw edges of the folded strap piece in your finishing.
  4. Finish your seams separately, as desired and press open folding under the seam allowance around the 2” opening at the top by ½”
  5. Turn the bag body right side out and topstitch around the 2” opening at the top 1/4” away from the seam starting at the top edge and pivoting just past the 2” mark, pivoting back up the other side and finishing at the top edge again.
  6. Using a zipper foot sew a line of stitching across the strap close to the d-ring to keep it from twisting.Lay your bag with the seam facing up and mark a line 3” from the bottom edge of the body, centred on your seam.

  7. Lay your bag with the seam facing up and mark a line 3” from the bottom edge of the body, centred on your seam.
  8. Place your long strap right side down lined up with this marking, with the length of the strap facing away from the bag. Sew across the strap ¼” from the end, making sure not to catch the other side of the bag as you do so.
  9. Fold the strap back over itself and press.
  10. Sew a box with an X through it to secure the strap down encasing your raw edge. Here is more information on how to do it from Sew 4 Home.

  11. Thread the loose end of the strap through your slider and then through the d-ring and back through your slider. Turn under the end of your strap by ¼” and stitch to itself to secure and create the adjustable strap. This can be confusing sometimes so look at the images closely to see how its done. The strap is done!

Attaching the bottom

  1. Fold your bottom piece in half and mark the halfway points, fold in half the other way, aligning those markings and mark the new fold, dividing your bottom piece in to 4. Divide your body piece in to 4 equal parts as well and mark.
  2. Pin the bottom to the body with right sides together, aligning the quadrant markings you made.
  3. Sew around the perimeter using ½” seam allowance. Finish your seams together.

Drawstring Casing

  1. At the top of the bag, fold the raw edge under ½” to the wrong side and press.
  2. Fold under another ¾” to the wrong side and press.
  3. Edgestitch around the first fold to create a casing for the drawstring.
  4. Thread your drawstring through the casing and tie off. Optional: Add a drawstring toggle.

Congrats, you’ve made it to the end of this sewing practice!  If you use this tutorial to make your own yoga bag, I would love to see it! Use the hashtag #simplifiyogabag or tag @simplififabric so we can see! Now everyone take a deep breath, you’ve done it. Namaste.

xo M

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i love it! I’m getting back into yoga this year so I will definitely be making one of these. The hardest part will be choosing the fabric. lol


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