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We ship worldwide from Canada + USa

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Hemp Fur - Vegan - Black

$10.00 USD

HEMP MAN MADE FUR - this is a plush fabric can be used for many applications. This is an ideal fabric for the vegan lifestyle. 

1/2 meter (19.5") 

41% hemp / 34% organic cotton / 25% rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or recycled PET)

Width 58"/60" 

Length 19.5" (1/2 meter) 

Weight 400 GSM 

Style - man made/knitted

limited stock  (our mill is no longer making this fabric)

*all fabric is sold in 1/2 meter or yard increments


*please note this is TRUE BLACK - it was hard to get a photo of it*

Hemp Fur - Vegan - Black

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