Posted: Nov 05 2013

Re: ship rates

Please note we have revised our ship rates to reflect actual shipping charges for both Canada & USA.

For orders larger than $200 in value going to the USA you have 2 options:

• Standard UPS shipping from Canada – in which possible duties, taxes etc may be charged at your door
• Emailing us IMMEDIATELY after ordering to discuss alternate shipping options via USPS … splitting up your order into 2+ packages with corresponding ship rates via USPS (upstate NY). Unfortunately, everyone’s orders are different so there is no way to pinpoint exact split shipping costs to add those options on our website.

As a Canadian business located close to the border we have the luxury of shipping US orders from the USA BUT, as per CUSTOMS/BORDER rules, we are not able to bring more than 1 US package valued at over $200 PER address PER day or else a customs broker needs to be involved bringing up the price of shipping (which we dont want to have to do).

Also, we are still refunding shipping on any ship overages over $1 (which is very time consuming, please be patient this usually happens about once a week) ... if you have paid with PayPal your refund will be done directly to your paypal account on any overages over $1. If you have paid with Moneris, a refund will be done on any overages over $5, anything under $5 will be in the form of store credit. Moneris' fees are way too high for us to complete any direct refunds under $5.

We thank you for your understanding and support!!!! As a busy small business run by 2 people (on opposite sides of the country) we from time to time have to revise our policies in order to provide the most efficient and cost effective services!!!