FEATURED SHOP OF THE WEEK Eenvoudig ~ Simply Unique

Posted: Oct 17 2014

What is your business name and how did you come up with the name?

My Business Name is Eenvoudig ~ Simply Unique. I was born in South Africa, and with my second language being Afrikaans I wanted to incorporate it into my business name. The word Eenvoudig means Simple.


 What do you sew?

Mostly cloth diaper covers, potty training pullups and clothing for babies to toddlers.


What inspired you to start your own home-based business?

I wanted to cloth diaper and could not afford the expensive brands, so I decided to make them myself. As my youngest son has grown so has my love for sewing.  Do you have any employees? Does my husband count, he does all the heavy lifting and setting up of my stands for expos. But no, its just me.


What is your favorite part about sewing?

Sewing allows me to create unique items for my children and other peoples children that you will not just find in any old box store.


What is your favorite sewing tip/trick you wish you had of known ages ago?!

Unused bolts and washers are awesome fabric and pattern weights.


What is your favorite SIMPLIFI textile and why?

I love the Organic bamboo fleece, it so absorbant and lush. 


Website address?




Do you have a brick'n'mortar store?





Here are some examples of Eenvoudig ~ Simply Unique work:

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