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We ship worldwide from Canada + USa

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What is your business name and how did you come up with the name?

"Lilly&Frank"  are the 4th and 5th children my husband would not let me have lol. It was this idea mixed with a women's name I saw "Lillian Frank-something". I loved how it sounded but changed it - Lilly is my ultra feminine girl name & Frank is my super masculine little boy.


What do you sew?

We make fitted and hybrid cloth diapers for babies and toddlers along with other cloth diapering baby accessorizes such as cloth wipes, wetbags and more.


What inspired you to start your own home-based business? Do you have any employees?

My children. I had always wanted my own business for a long time but it was my children along with a love for cloth diapering and the environment that really started this.  Do you have any employees?  I work with talented local seamstress and contractors.  An important part of Lilly&Frank was creating Canadian jobs and contributing to our community.


What is your favorite part about sewing?

For me it's all about the metamorphosis.  To hand pick prints and fabric and watch them come together to make something beautiful.


What is your favorite sewing tip/trick you wish you had of known ages ago?

Practice, don't rush it-know when to step away and take a break.


What is your favorite SIMPLIFI textile and why?

If I have to pick just one than I would have to pick the dyed organic bamboo velour!! My customers and I love it-silky, soft and gorgeous in colour.


Website address?


Do you have a brick'n'mortar store?

Not yet but perhaps one day <3  



Here are some examples of Lilly&Frank's work:





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