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1. What is your business name and how did you come up with the name?

My business name is Fun Little Things.  The not so secret, secret is that I actually do not like the name at all, but there is no going back now!  I wanted the name "Pretty Little Things" but that was taken a million times over, so without much thought and while filling out the Etsy forms to open a shop, Fun Little Things came to me.  It worked because at first I had a larger variety of items I was selling; baby items like I sell now, but also kitchen towels, Christmas ornaments and purses. A strange assortment, but they were all fun, and they were all little!


2. What do you sew?

These days I sew only baby and toddler items!  In my shop I sell bibs, onesies, swaddle blankets, baby shower bunting, bloomers, shorts, dresses and toddler aprons. And ok, I still sell a few diaper bags, because mom's deserve something special too, and some clutches so that cool aunts buying baby shower presents can pick up a little something for themselves.  Not for sale, but usually on my sewing table, I also love to sew anything I can for my 1 1/2 year old daughter, my nieces and nephews, housewarming presents for friends and birthday and Christmas presents for everyone I love.  And hopefully by the time this is being read, I will have made a decision and at least started on this year's Halloween costume for my daughter!  


3. What inspired you to start your own home-based business? Do you have any employees?

I started my Etsy shop because I loved sewing baby things for my family and friends who had just started having babies.  Everyone seemed to love the items I was creating and the fabric choices I was making for those items, so I thought, Hey! I should sell these! Fun and easy money! Ha!  I was still teaching full time and it gave me something different and exciting to think about and work on in my free time.  Then, about a year later, my day job quit me.  I was 4 months pregnant and laid off due to California's budget.  I decided that instead of looking for another teaching job, I would make Fun Little Things my full time job, and I haven't looked back since!


4. What is your favorite part about sewing?

 My favorite part about sewing is getting to really be creative!  I love thinking hard about a new item I want to create, doing some sketching and some math, a little bit of trial and error and ending up with something beautiful, new and one of a kind that I have created.  That, and having an excuse to buy all of the beautiful fabric I can get my hands on!  


5. What is your favorite sewing tip/trick you wish you had of known ages ago?!

The best tip I can give is to remember that this is supposed to be fun!  We all have times where we want to throw our sewing machine down the stairs (or is that just me?) or give up on a project entirely.  Take a break, come back when you can be excited to work it out and don't be afraid to just give up on that project if it really isn't bringing you any joy!  Sew what you want to sew for whomever you want to sew for! 


6. What is your favorite SIMPLIFI textile and why?

So much gorgeousness to choose from!  I love the huge variety of organic knits, especially by Birch Fabrics (and their woven fabrics too!) and with fall and winter coming I am getting really excited about those Cloud9 flannels.  


Website address?

Instagram @gracefunlittlethings

Pinterest  @gracefunlittlethings


Do you have a brick'n'mortar store?

 I do not have a brick and mortar shop, but my bibs can be found at Sprouts in Whitefish, Montana, and hopefully some children's boutiques in the San Francisco Bay area soon!  



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