FEATURED SHOP OF THE WEEK - Butt Ons Cloth Diapers (Hollee)

Posted: Sep 05 2014


1. What is your business name and how did you come up with the name?
My business name is Butt Ons Cloth Diapers. When starting out, I thought it was cute and original and hadn't heard anything like it.
2. What do you sew?
I make Hybrid Fitted cloth diapers. Newborn (IttyBitty), One-Size day-time hybrids (Butt Ons) and OS night (RONOs)
3. What inspired you to start your own home-based business? Do you have any employees?
I started out making diapers for my own two little ones, and quickly was asked to make them for friends and family.
 It quickly escalated from there, and I love being a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom.
No employees. At this time I'm a One-Lady army :)
4. What is your favorite part about sewing?
I love the creative flow, and seeing the finished product.
5. What is your favorite sewing tip/trick you wish you had of known ages ago?!
That's a tough one. I'd say the best tip I was ever given was 'patience'.
Don't be afraid to take your time, or redo a seam. Anything you rush leads to disappointment.
6. What is your favorite SIMPLIFI textile and why?
LILLESTOFF!!!! I am a sucker for these amazing euro knits! The prints are always adorable, and the quality and wear is amazing.
I've never been disappointed.
7. Website address?
8. Do you have a brick'n'mortar store?
Here is examples of Hollee's work...

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