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Workout Playlist for the Colder Days Ahead

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Hello there! Time sure is flying by. Labour day weekend seems like a mere pleasant memory, because here we are, into the second week of September already. Summer is on its way out. Chillier winds have been greeting us these past mornings. Which is just another excuse for a warming cup of tea. With Autumn on our doorstep it’s easy to curl up, drink that sweet hot chocolate, and decide to stay in. Days like that are great, and we love them, but it’s important to remember that just because beach season is over, it doesn't mean we shouldn’t take care of our bodies for the next 6 months. They’re our home; we should love and care for them.

Nonetheless, we know it can be hard to find the motivation to stick to a workout routine, especially during the colder months. I know that I’ve had a couple of mornings when I chose the warmth of my bed, over an early morning workout, and that’s okay too. Rest is necessary and so very important for your wellness as well as your fitness! But a bit of motivation is always welcomed. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of our favourite workout tunes.

Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede

After watching Guardians of the Galaxy, I became obsessed with this song because it never fails to brighten my mood. That’s why this is the first song of my playlist. It wakes me up and gives me the energy I need. It’s great for warming up. I actually look forward to working out after such a great start!

Eye of the tiger - Survivor

Who doesn’t want to feel like Rocky Balboa when working out. This song truly makes me feel like I can tackle whatever workout I have ahead. It’s a great song to listen to right after your warmup, so you can get into a workout mood faster, and with a smile. This is a classic, that never fails.

Time is running out - Muse

If you're into intensive workouts, this song is perfect for you. The dramatic intro pumps you up and gets you ready to smash your workout, accompanied by a blast of energetic rock. I love this song because it puts me right in the mood to start moving, and fast. If you're more of a cardio lover, this song will help you push through those last minutes, and give you the energy you might feel lacking after 40 minutes of running. Give it a try!

Sweet dreams (are made of this) - Eurythmics

You're probably familiar with this one. This 80's hit makes me want to break into dance right in the middle of the gym, but my self-control wins (most of the time) and I channel all that energy towards my workout. It's the perfect tune to keep a steady pace if you're jogging or running. Alternatively, you can let the music take over you and dance hard; you might have the best cardio workout you’ve had in awhile!

Get Lucky - Daft Punk

I'm a big fan of Daft Punk. They're my go to when I'm working late and want a bit of a stimulus, that's not cafeine. I found this song to be great, not only to work, but also to work out. Especially when I want a push, but I'm not looking to go all out. It can also help keep the pace on the treadmill.

 Harder Better Faster - Daft Punk

Another Daft Punk song. I said I was a fan, didn't I. I play this song when I have to do several sets of an exercise. It can get very repetitive to do 20 squats repetitions and then rest, just to do it all over again. With this song, I sometimes move with the beat or just get distracted enough, that time goes much faster. You'll be done with those squats before you know it!

Work - Rihanna ft. Drake

To be honest, I don't understand anything she says, besides "work, work, work." For the rest of the song I'll just be singing nananana. Close enough, right? I play this song when I'm cooling down. Just after giving the most in those last miles of a run, I like to have a few minutes to go at a slower pace so I can catch my breath before stretching.

I love it - Icona Pop -

This song might be an oldie, but it’s such a good one! Its energetic rhythm makes me want to jump. I play this song when I'm close to the end so I'm ready to give it my all in the last minutes, either running very fast or gracelessly jumping up and down every time the chorus comes up. That's okay, that's just gym life. Enjoy it!

Stay the night - Zedd, Hayley Williams

If you're into strength training like me, you know that compound exercises that also help with your cardio are great for you, but they kick butt! That's why I like to play a few songs like this one to keep my energy up, and enjoy the ride. The electronic beat will remind you that working out is meant to be fun. Find a routine you like and do your best. This song will be the perfect soundtrack to that workout.



Chandelier - Sia

It's time to stretch, you've made it! After working your muscles is important to stretch so there's less chance of cramping or injury. This slower pace song (in contrast with the other songs in this playlist) helps me relax and take a moment to make sure I pay attention to the muscles I worked that day.

 Demons - Imagine Dragons

This is another song that I love playing when I'm stretching after working out. You'll probably find yourself singing along and moving to the beat of the music. Can't think of a better method to pace yourself!

Got any workout tunes? Share them with us!