Tips to be content and productive in the colder months

Posted: Nov 04 2016

It’s the first week of November and the Holiday cheer is all around! It’s incredible. By the first day of the month, the streets were displaying lovely decorations and my to-go coffee now comes in colourful and creative cups. I’m not going to lie, I love it. I really enjoy the smell of peppermint hot chocolate, the window lights and that cheerful feeling that seems to go on throughout the year.

When I first started this blog I said that time would fly by, and without even noticing, we would be singing Christmas carols. Well, here we are! I’m happy I got to write that post because it helped me plan my time better, but above all, it helped me appreciate time differently. I didn’t feel like I was running to catch up with the season; well, at least not all the time, after all, I’m only human. The colder days didn't catch me unprepared. I enjoyed the transition and made any preparation needed.

Making the conscious decision to be open to new experiences, as well as regaining lost habits, made me really appreciate how important it is to make time for a bit of self-love. We all need time to ourselves, for ourselves. That’s where the inspiration for this week’s blog post comes from. This time I’ll share a few new and old habits that have made me more content and productive these past two months. Here we go!

Getting up early after a good night of sleep

I know. The same old advice. “The early bird catches the worm.” Yes, for me getting up early is a source of good energy. I feel like I have a whole day in front of me, to accomplish what I set out to do. The most important part for me is to get a good night of sleep. It’s not easy to be a Mom, and a business woman, and a housewife. I have struggled to try to sleep more than 4 or 5 hours many nights. I didn’t use to mind much. I would just go with the all too familiar expression: that’s life, and continue. But I’ve noticed the great improvements that a good night of sleep can actually give. Waking up is much easier and I don't have to rely that much on caffeine to get things started. That’s why I actively try to leave enough time at night to decompress and rest. It won’t happen every night, but that’s okay. I’m making a change and I’m very happy with the results. Besides, watching the sunrise never gets old and I find its a magical way to start the day right

Making a To-do List

Who’s a fan of making lists? Or rather, scratching things off a list? Guilty. However, besides the good feeling after crossing off half of the activities you had for the day, making a list makes me feel more confident and organized. When sitting in my office my mind starts going over all the things I should do for the day: take the kids to practice, make dinner and lunch for tomorrow, make a new order for Simplifi. It can all feel like too much and I may or may not panic a bit. Here enters the list. After I’ve written down all of the things that need to be done I take a deep breath and look them over. When they’re on paper I can plan them better, make schedules, think of solutions and have an idea of how my day will go. That’s so much better than juggling 6 things that feel like 10 but can barely manage to go through 4 at the end of the day.


Giving yourself time to procrastinate

In other words, give yourself a break. Working yourself to exhaustion won’t do you any good. I used to work until my eyes hurt and think it meant I was
giving 100%, but I would be so tired after that I just wanted to crawl to bed until the next morning when I’d start all over again. By doing that I was forcing myself to spend the rest of the day on autopilot until I got a few hours of rest. It’s exhausting. Now, I schedule slots of time during the day for each task and try to keep track of how long I spend on one particular task. I also schedule a slot of time for relaxation or change of scenery and that way, after a bit of a break, I can take on another activity and so on. When I’ out of the office my brain’s first instinct is not to shut down, but just a change of mindset. I’m going home I change my focus because I'm going home where I’ll do a few chores, prepare dinner, and enjoy the evening with my family; tomorrow will be another great day.


I’m sure you have a couple of habits and tricks that help you stay motivated throughout your everyday routine. Share them with us and tell us how they’ve helped you.


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