The World of Repurposing

Posted: Jan 30 2017

January is almost over and it seems that the worst part of the winter is behind us. These past few days we’ve had rainy and not-so-freezing weather that feels more like spring. I’m not complaining! Nonetheless, there’s still a few cold days ahead of us so I’m keeping busy with a couple of at-home hobbies to occupy my free time. This has led me to a practice that I’ve been enjoying a lot lately: repurposing. In it, I’ve found true value in many things that I’ve kept for quite a long time just because I liked them but never put to good use. By repurposing, I mix new and old, different styles and have fun.

Another positive aspect of repurposing is that I get to use much of the fabric scraps that lay around in my house (which are a lot). They’re never ending! Now, with this new hobby, they are playing an important part in my house’s decor.

I’ve found a few great benefits that come from repurposing and I thought I’d share them with you today.

  • Is economically sound: there’s probably not much to explain here. When repurposing you’re mostly using materials that you already have in order to improve, renovate or fix a piece of furniture or old objects that are laying around. As a result, the costs in repurposing versus buying brand new furniture or anything else are considerably lower.

  • Puts your creativity and skills to work: here in the sewing world, we love to work with our hands in order to create or modify all sort of garments and things. Repurposing is just another way of doing this, that’s why it has found a special place in my heart so quickly. Now my creativity is always flying. I look around and I see more than just objects. I see opportunities. I imagine my same old lamp with a new print that I could make myself, or maybe I can use that old empty frame and make a nice looking tray. The options are endless!


  • Makes you the proud creator and owner of a unique and original piece of work: there’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment. To look at a work well done and know that you were the one that thought of it and made it a reality is great! No matter how small or big, I love being able to put my personality and work into pieces that would make part of my house decor. When I look for furniture or home accessories, I look for things that would represent me and my style, and there’s no better way to accomplish that than by making it myself!

credit: etsy, store BahnRol

Credit: etsy store BagnRol

  • Last but not least, repurposing is environmentally friendly! By repurposing you are preventing unnecessary waste. I try to recycle as much as possible, but there’s only so much a person can do. The eco-conscious nature of this practice is a very special reason for me because it helps me to have a greener lifestyle and be more aware of my own choices when it comes to buying. I’d think I need a new couch, not because the couch was old, but because there were visible spots on its fabric. Instead of going ahead and throwing out the couch and buying a new one, I decided to keep it and make a new cover with fabric remnants that I had lying around. Now it looks like a whole new couch! I love the designs and I can wash the cover whenever is needed so I can have a clean and spotless couch.

I think that the repurposing goes hand in hand with sustainable values and that’s why it resonates with me. This eco-friendly practice reminds me that we’re able to give back to mother Earth with small, but meaningful actions. The world is saturated with a thousand options for everything, so I find that’s nice to take a breath and remember the values that drive us, as well as to take small steps that bit by bit will be the driver of change.


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