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Raglan Birch Knit Shirt

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Birch Interlock Knit

  • (in interlock) 

Hemp Organic Cotton Spandex Ribbing


Pattern Used:


Interlock/Ribbing: Wash in warm followed by drying on delicate in the dryer.  Iron.

1. Cut and print pattern.

2. Lay pieces together, and pin (or clip!) 

3. Serge/sew sleeve, to front and back shirt pieces. 

4.  Serge/sew underside of sleeves, and down the side seams of the shirt. 

5. Prepare bottom binding of shirt, and serge/sew on. 

.....don't forget to tie off serged ends! 

 6. Prepare neckband, and sew/serge on. 

     ....the more I pin/clip the better turn out I get on my neckbands

7. Time for the sleeve cuffs! Once again pinning is your friend here! 

serge/sew the seams, tie off serger ends, iron and COMPLETE! 



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