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We ship worldwide from Canada + USa

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Organic Weighted Blanket

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Weight: Aquarium gravel/coarse sand or glass pellets weighing 10lbs (Instructions are for 10lbs of added weight) grams of desired weight/# squares


Step 1: Cut  83x62 out of your chosen fabric, 

Step 2: sew two sides and bottom (1" seam allowance) cut corners on an angle or with pinking shears. Topstitch the two sides and bottom

Step 3: Draw 18 columns, measuring 3" each

Step 4: Pin & sew 18 columns

Step 5: Using a funnel (or PVC pipe) insert 8.4 grams of (coarse aquarium sand/rock or glass pellets) into each column. Shake to the bottom to ensure the weighted material has settled. 

Step 6: Trace 3" rows upwards. Sew along the row. Repeat.


Step 7: Fold top inwards, and sew to close off the top. 

Step 8: Complete!