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Mom and Me Part 2

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Mom and Me Hoodies Part 2

Materials Used: 

Birch Interlock Knit

  •]Organic Cotton Terry

Organic Cotton Spandex Ribbing


Pattern Used:

  • modified:

Step 1: Cut/Print Pattern/Cut fabric

Step 2: Sew Ribbing around pocket

Step 3: Pin Front, Sleeves and Back pieces together, start by serging/sewing the top of the shoulders, decorative stitch on the pinned decorative fabric underneath and then down the sleeves and side seams.

Step 4: Serge/Sew the hood pieces together (right sides facing each other), followed by coverstitch/decorative stitching the front seem of the hood. 

Step 5: Serge/Sew the hood to the garment piece. 

Step 6: Serge/Sew Cuffs, and Waist Band

Step 7: Tie off serger tails, and iron! Complete! 

Bonus! Matching Underwear!