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Low Impact Dyes + Merino Wool

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I've been experimenting with natural and low impact dyes, in order to dye natural fibres. 


Merino Wool (this process can be used on any wool, whether fabric or yarn) 


Natural or Low Impact Dyes 

             I used Ashford Wool Dye

Oven Proof Dish + a rack that fits on the bottom (not necessary) 

Syringe or Squeeze Bottle

Oven or Microwave


Step 1: Prepare dyes as per the instructions. 

Step 2: Soak your wool in warm water + a drop of dish soap for 30 minutes. Remove as much water as you can

Step 3: Prepare dish you are going to use for dyeing your wool, place wool in the dish and pour/syringe/squeeze dye onto wool. 

Step 4: Warm oven to 250F, skip this step if using a microwave. 

Step 5: Be sure to check the underside of the wool to ensure every spot you wish to be dyed is. Place in microwave/oven safe dish.

---> if using the oven keep wool in for 20 minutes if you notice that the wool is not holding onto the dye you can keep it in longer. 

--> if using a microwave, microwave at 1minute intervals, usually after 5-6 minutes the fabric has retained the dye.

Step 6: Allow to cool, and then rinse.

Step 7: Allow to dry, and then it is ready to sew or knit up!