Let’s talk about Recycled Polyester…

Posted: Nov 18 2016

When we think of Polyester, we seldomly relate it to eco-friendly options and sustainability. After all, this fiber comes from Petroleum. However, polyester has become indispensable in today’s world, and that’s especially true in the fashion and textile world. Nonetheless, a promising alternative is becoming more readily accessible very fast: recycled polyester. This fiber has been in the market for quite a while, but we’re seeing new businesses trying to use them more and more as of late. The good news is that this practice is starting to be implemented by big companies. A great example of this is the very well-known sports brand Nike and its use of recycled polyester in a few collections of their performance apparel. They use an average of 22 bottles per basketball uniform (in this particular line); by doing so, they reduce their overall use of energy by 30% when compared to using virgin polyester. That might sound like is not enough, but it’s certainly a great start point.

Another brand that uses recycled polyester is Patagonia, which makes activewear as well as parkas and coats. They’ve been using it for more than 20 years. In that time, Patagonia calculates they’ve been able to keep more than 86 million plastic bottles from landfills. That’s definitely worthy of a little celebratory dance! Another brand which project I found very beautiful and inspiring is Adidas’ running shoes which uses plastic recovered from the sea as its main material. For this project Adidas partnered with Parley for the Oceans, a non-for-profit, that strives to raise awareness regarding the state of our oceans. Their work is very beautiful because they look for creatives and artists that would inspire people to make better and more conscious decisions when buying new products. And that’s what they did with Adidas. Their new shoes are made with 95% recycled plastic recovered from the Maldives. Just as Nike, this is just the beginning of their use of more sustainable fibers. They’ve said they hope to incorporate recycled materials more and more into their collections.

Just like Nike, Patagonia and Adidas, there are a good number of other businesses incorporating recycled fibers into their products. This way, they’re not only taking actions to help the environment, but also raising awareness about the critical issues that we’re facing nowadays due to our consumption of raw materials.

70% of synthetic fabrics come from Polyester, and because of its high use of water, energy and fossil fuels, it’s not environmentally friendly. In addition, it’s not biodegradable. That’s why using recycled polyester is such a great alternative! For starters, it stops a lot of unwanted plastic bottles and other plastic products from ending up in the ocean or landfills. By upcycling and using those products as raw material, many companies are giving us a hand taking care of our precious environment.  

When it comes to man-made fabrics, this fiber is a great option, since it minimizes the production of new materials from petroleum. Polyester is a great and versatile fabric, hence its popularity. We have the power to make a choice  Our recycled polyester is made out of recycled soda, water and food containers. Give it a try and let us know what you think!



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