A Season of Giving: Giving December!

Posted: Dec 01 2016

The last week of November was certainly a busy one! We had black Friday, which became the weekend that then transitioned into Cyber Monday. Lots of deals and shopping. But then it came #givingtuesday. I didn’t know about this trend until this year and I thought it was a terrific and lovely idea! Giving Tuesday is a day, as the name hints, about giving back. It’s about taking a moment and thinking about what really matters and the ways we can help those in need. This is something that we should probably do more often, but is nice to have a day that reminds us that we should always have in mind the real important things. That Tuesday I thought about the things I’m truly grateful for and remembered that I should take advantage of how lucky I am and help others when I can, not because I want something in return, but because is the right thing to do. I should share my blessings with others. I find that is never fun to have something only to yourself. It’s always better when what you have brings joy to others because then the joy is double. And with any luck, the ball will keep rolling and many more will be touched by it.

I’m particularly happy that Giving Tuesday happens so close to Christmas because it made me realize that I don’t want to forget what is really important. Which might happen when you’re stressed about the holiday family reunions, dinners, presents, decorations and so on, They all make me feel like I need a short vacation after the holidays! Nonetheless I love every bit of the holiday’ season. But in retrospective, a bit more focus on what’s important and less on the material aspect of the holidays would only reinforce the true spirit of this beautiful season. As the song says, this is the season of giving. We have a whole month ahead of us which will be hopefully filled with beautiful moments with friends and family. The sad part is that it all goes by so fast! Between the Christmas carols, the hot chocolate evenings and the family reunions, January will be knocking on our doors in no time!

That’s why, still celebrating the spirit of Giving Tuesday, I’ve decided to make it Giving December! This year I want to actively make the holidays a season of giving and sharing. I think this will only make this month all the more meaningful. One of the beautiful things about this is that it doesn’t require big gestures, sometimes the true treasures hide in the details. You can give your time volunteering at one of your favourite charities, you can donate your coffee money, you can make something out of your hobby (like sewing *wink wink*) and make something for a dear friend. Even baking their favourite cookies will light up the day of another people!

If you want to take part of this and are looking where to start, here are a couple of charities that are doing an amazing job at taking care of our world and all of us that’ve had the blessing of sharing it:

Greenpeace http://www.greenpeace.org/

Humane Society of Canada: https://www.humanesociety.com/

World Wildlife Fund http://www.wwf.ca/

Feed the Children http://canadianfeedthechildren.ca/

Evergreen Canada https://www.evergreen.ca/

Let us know if you’ll give Giving December a try! We can do it together


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