A different look at New Year's Resolutions

Posted: Dec 30 2016

Tomorrow we will be saying goodbye to another year. 2016 has been a year filled with ups and downs, as every year will. I want to take these final days to think back to the moments that made me happy, as well as the difficult ones. Because these are the ones that will stay with me and the ones that taught me the most.

It’s custom practice to think of a few New Year’s resolutions; a list of goals we’d like to accomplish in the year to come. A new year is always such a great feeling! so shiny and filled with many possibilities, anything can happen. On New Year’s Eve we all dream about new adventures. However, sometimes the excitement and thrill are short lived and after a few weeks I’m back to my old routine. Long forgotten are the resolutions that I had planned so well; motivation is a tough game. But this is a year of change! 2016 has been a year of retrospection and I’ve found the joy of self-accomplishment. The last months of the year have been about finding myself again and reconnecting with the people that surround me. That’s why I’ve decided to take on the tradition of New Year’s resolutions and see it as an opportunity to continue what I started this year.

2017 is going to be about growing, finding new hobbies, trying new things and cultivating friendships. I’m no longer adding to the list things like “loose those extra pounds.” 2017 will be different. For the new year I’ve decided to write down goals I look forward to, things that will bring me more joy that a short-lived excitement when crossing over a job done on a list. Here’re a couple of them!

  • With the end of the holidays comes also the realization that part of those delicious family dinners and extra cookies stayed with us. Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets, we only live once! But with the start of a new year I would usually promise myself I’d workout to lose those extra pounds. This time around it won’t be quite the same. This year I want to find an activity that will make me move, be more healthy, but that I actually enjoy. My end game shouldn’t be to just lose weight because I think I look better without a few extra pounds, I should do it because it’s good for me and because it will make my life fuller.  Maybe is time to try out those Zumba classes, or weight training, looks fun! The important part is that I don’t want to feel like I’m punishing myself for what happened during the holidays, I did nothing wrong so there’s no need to start the new year with such negativity. My resolution this year is to find an activity that will be just as positive for my body like it is for my mind.
  • I’ve always thought of myself as a conscious buyer, after all, I’m in a sustainable business, but there’s always more to do. That’s why I’m changing the way I buy. Every time we buy we’re making a choice, and I want to choose and support more eco-friendly and sustainable enterprises. There’s a whole world out there of options and people that are working to provide all kind of products that have less of a negative impact on our world, and that’s a beautiful and inspiring businesses I’d like to help by letting them know I believe in them. That’s why I’m adding to my list of resolutions to take the time to look for more eco-friendly options whenever I need to buy something.
  • My third New Year’s resolution, and probably the most important one for me, is to never stop challenging myself. My resolution is to have a new resolution every two months! I want to try new things and keep growing as a person, so why not actively remind myself that there are new things to be done and new adventures to be had. I want to finish 2017, look back and smile, knowing that it was a great and wonderful year, filled with new experiences, lessons, friends and family.


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